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PROADDICTION is a customizable permanent multi protein hair straightening system that provides instant results for hair straightening and smoothing. PROADDICTION is a balanced formula that empowers the hair professional to achieve perfect results no matter how coarse the hair is, no matter the condition, and no matter what previous chemical processes the hair has been put through. PROADDICTION has reconstructive capabilities bringing hair back the shine, movement, elasticity, and vitality that it loses with time

PROADDICTION is formulated with natural proteins that help repair your hair. Its unique formula has revolutionized the hair industry. The results are astounding. Both our Hairstylists and Clients can't stop raving about our product. 
PROADDICTION  is odorless, formaldehyde free, and toxin free. 

How is PROADDICTION customizable?

PROADDICTION is a system created to produce various results using that same product. 

You as the hairstylist can control the result based on your clients hair goals.

The result is dependent on how much heat is applied and how many times you pass the iron.

PROADDICTION's active ingredients are made of Multiple Proteins and amino acids and when they interact with heat they change the form of the hair.

PROADDICTION has multiple uses, it is not limited to just one type of process. It can enhance natural curls by removing the frizz and redefining the curl.

It can remove frizz leaving your hair silky smooth and glossy. 
Or It can straighten any type of hair and keep its volume.

Its natural components nourish hair during the process leaving your clients hair silky, soft and lustrous.



As a hairstylist using this system, you will not need a mask for yourself or your client. You will no longer need to use vents to remove toxic fumes from your hair salons. And you can be confident that you are providing your salon and client with a safe environment during the process.

How does PROADDICTION compare to other straighteners?

  • Client DOES NOT have a waiting period before or after the treatment to have their hair dyed. They Can dye their hair on the same day.

  • After the treatment the hair is shampooed on the same day. There is no need to wait days with product on the hair. The hair can be dried naturally or free hand with a blow drier.

  • From just removing frizz to completely straightened hair, PROADDICTION offers a unique versatility that provides a wide range of results

  • PROADDICTION is toxin free and does not cause skin, eye, or throat irritation.

  • Client does not lose natural hair volume.

  • Lasts 4 to 6 months, depending on hair regrowth.

  • PROADDICTION straightens hair and repairs it simultaneously.

To learn more on how to use PROADDICTION and get the perfect results for your clients, call our professional team of consultants.

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